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At Kriebel & Associates, we offer a modern, fully digitized dental experience coupled with tender family values. Led by Dr. Carl Kriebel, our team emphasizes safe and convenient dentistry without skimping on quality services. With state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of our general dentist, we are ready and able to care for every member of your family with the thoughtful dental solutions they deserve. Our goal is to leave everyone with a sparkling, healthy smile on their face.

With over 25 years of experience, our dentist is well-versed in the latest dental treatments and diagnostic procedures. This provides you and your loved ones with the thorough dental care and insight everyone deserves. We prioritize the convenience and comfort of your visit without sacrificing the effectiveness of the treatment. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!

Our Advanced Technological Services

One of the cornerstones of effective modern dentistry is the quality of the tools. We understand that getting to the root of your request or issue should be done swiftly and with care. Our in-house technology excels at expediting and increasing accuracy in diagnostics and treatment. It boasts a safer, cleaner, and less radiation-emitting experience than past generations. Some of our principal pieces of technology include:

Intraoral Cameras: These are small, safe cameras that display a magnified image of your teeth and gums. This helps us view decay, tooth wear, and gum recession in hard-to-reach areas. The images can be saved in your file and used as a reference when charting changes in your oral health.

Digital X-rays: An x-ray image gives our team a detailed look at your teeth and jawbones, allowing us to identify issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays are quicker and produce less radiation than traditional x-rays, making them safer and more efficient.

Same-Day Crown Technology: After your dental scans have been processed in a computer, the milling unit makes the restoration out of a solid ceramic block. The completed crown is bonded to your remaining tooth structure, and you will be sent home with a new tooth that same day.

Excellent Dental Care for the Whole Family

We value the convenience of bringing your loved ones under one roof for reliable, comprehensive dental care. This helps to alleviate the stress of coordinating appointments for various family members at different offices. We also understand the value of documenting the continuity of your family's dental care. We will build an extensive dental history around your family, which can help us predict genetic and lifestyle patterns, sharpening our insight for treatments, routines, and precautions. Our goal is to keep every smile in your family tree healthy and beautiful.

Our Trustworthy Dental Team

As a dental practice that extends services to every member of your family, both big and small, safety and communication are very important to us. Whether we're speaking to your child, you, or the senior members of your family, we prioritize reliable and age-appropriate communication. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you have, and we will always have answers. We know how important it is to inform you in detail about the diagnosis, procedures, and treatments we provide to ensure you are properly educated and comfortable with all services.

Reliable Dentistry for All

At Kriebel & Associates, we aim to assure you that your family is in safe and experienced hands. Our dental team prides itself on mixing advanced technology and years of industry knowledge with a tender, personal approach. We enjoy being a trusted part of our local community and love to see satisfied families returning for all their dental needs for years to come. You can visit our welcoming office, located conveniently on Neuse Blvd and Kensington Park Dr, where we offer our patients private parking.

If you're looking for a trustworthy dentist who can provide your entire family with excellent dental care, we have you covered. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


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